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Day Care

Little Chalks Day Care: Where Safety Meets Smiles! Our nurturing environment ensures your child's well-being while they explore, play, and learn. Our experienced caregivers provide a second home, fostering growth, social skills, and happy memories. Enroll your child in loving Day Care  today


Holistic Development

Beyond the fun and games, our Day Care is committed to nurturing holistic development. We encourage social interaction, communication skills, and emotional growth through group activities and cooperative play. With an emphasis on respect and empathy, we help your child develop important life skills.

Discover Our Offerings 


⭐ Daily Updates with Photos and Videos

⭐ Doctor On Call for Any Health Concerns

⭐ CCTV Surveillance Ensuring Safety

⭐ Personalized Attention for Every Child

⭐ Working All Saturdays to Cater to Your Needs

⭐ Daycare Facility: Open from 8 am to 8 pm

⭐ State-of-the-Art Facilities

⭐ Catering to Children as Young as 1 Year Old

⭐ Customized Meal Plans to Suit Your Child's Needs

⭐ Activity-Oriented Daycare Experience for Toddlers

⭐ Freshly Cooked Nutritious Meals

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